One more journey

Hydraulic Climbing Jacks


Step 1 The steel spreader beam passed under the bogie to a similar arrangement on the opposite side of the train.


Step 2 The ram was then extended, lifting the train by over 100mm.


Step 3 Wooden blocks and steel spacers were then placed underneath the jack.


Step 4 The ram was then retracted to bring the train to rest on the spacers and wooden blocks.


Step 5 Three more wooden blocks were then slid under the jack.


Step 6 The ram was then extended again, and the spacers removed.


Step 7 This time two outer wooden blocks and spacers were placed at right angles to the previous ones to form a stable tower.


Step 8 The ram was then retracted again and three more wooden blocks slid into place.

From here the process was repeated until at the required height of 1.3 metres.

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