Watch out ! There's an APT about

Watch out ! There's an APT about

The following is reproduced from a leaflet titled "Watch out ! There's an APT about on the West Coast Main Line".

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From January 28th 1980 the Advanced Passenger Train will be running on sections of, or throughout, the main/fast lines of the West Coast Main Line between Euston and Gretna at speeds of up to 125 mph. It also runs faster than other trains over certain Permanent Speed Restrictions.

All staff working on or about the line must be alert for the APT running at these higher speeds.

Attention is specially drawn to the reduced time available from sighting the APT until it reaches you.

The essential points to remember are:-

  1. If you are patrolling or inspecting you need to see the train or receive a warning in time to walk to a position you can see to be safe with a reasonable margin before the train reaches you.
    If you are working with anything but the lightest tools/equipment you need at least 25 seconds warning, remember that the APT can cover almost a mile in this time.
  2. A place of safety is one which allows at least 6ft 6ins (2 metres) between you and the nearest rail.
    See the Rule Book, Section 8 Clause 5.3 If there is insufficient room at the point at which you are working see that you have enough warning time to get to the nearest safe place. Where required, lookoutmen must be positioned to ensure that they can provide the necessary warning and full use should be made of portable warning equipment (PeeWee) where available.
    See Rule Book, Section P (and Departmental Instructions).
  3. Locations with Fixed Warning Equipment
    Make sure you understand how it works and how to use it. Ask your Supervisor if you have any doubts.
  4. If you do not regularly work on the track be particularly careful - you are just as much at risk
    This, for example, applies to train crews, shunting staff, C&W Examiners or anyone using a trackside walking route.

Work is still in progress on measures to improve lineside safety throughout the route -

Cesses - Cleared and widened to provide adequate walkways
Cuttings & Embankments - Refuges and safe standing places are being constructed
Tunnels - Refuges are being improved
Fixed Audible Warning Systems - Are to be provided in all tunnels and at some other locations

Staff will be advised locally where this work has not been completed and of the interim precautions to be observed.


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