APT The Train of the Future

APT The Train of the Future

The following is reproduced from a leaflet titled "The Train of the Future is now in service Your guide to the Advanced Passenger Train".

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The first of the prototype Advanced Passenger Trains, APT for short, is now in service. This, British Rail's most modern train, will run Mondays to Fridays between Glasgow and London - 401 miles in 4¼ hours - the fastest ever between these two cities.
Departure and arrival times are shown below -

Glasgow Central
London Euston


Passenger Facilities

First and Second Class passenger accommodation provides a high standard of comfort. Initially accommodation is confined to the six coaches at the northern end of the train (nearest to the barrier on departure from Glasgow and furthest from the barrier on departure from London.)
There are full restaurant and buffet services available to all passengers. A trolley service of light refreshments is also provided in the second class portion of the train.
Light luggage can be placed on the overhead racks or between and under the seats. The guard's van has adequate space for the storage of bulky luggage.
The six public vehicles containing 268 seats are made up as follows -

First Class Smoking 25
First Class Non-Smoking 47
Second Class Smoking 52
Second Class Non-Smoking 100
Dining Car 43
Wheelchair accommodation 1


Seat Reservations and Tickets

* All seats are reservable and early booking is strongly advised. Standing is not permitted. Any unreserved seats will be allocated by the issue of Free Boarding Cards, obtainable from the APT office during the hour before departure.
Most types of tickets are valid and remember there is no supplementary charge for travel by this new exciting train.


High Speed

Initially whilst in regular passenger service APT will run at a maximum speed of 125 m.p.h. but on a test run on 20th December 1979 it achieved a new British speed record of 160 m.p.h. These high speeds can be maintained because of the unique tilting mechanism which means that full passenger comfort is still effective even when curves are negotiated at up to 40% faster than conventional locomotive hauled trains.


Special Design Features

Considerable weight savings have also been effected by using articulated coaches of aluminium construction resulting in lower power consumption - most important with todays need to conserve energy.
External sliding doors are fitted giving easy entry and exit with luggage. These doors are operated by the passenger at the push of a button although the guard maintains overall control.
The specially designed toilets may be used even when the train is at a station.
In the event of a power failure, or the need to divert the train away from the electrified route, a diesel locomotive can be easily coupled to assist the train. A diesel generator aboard APT will give enough power to operate the air conditioning, lighting and kitchen facilities so that passenger comfort is maintained.


The Future

British Rail hopes to build a fleet of APTs for the main electrified InterCity services from Euston to Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, North West England and the West Midlands. if the Government give authority these services could be running by the late 1980's.
We would like you to enjoy your journey by APT. Any comments you may care to make will be appreciated. Please write to:-

General Manager
London Midland Region
Euston House
Eversholt Street
General Manager
Scottish Region
Buchanan House
58 Port Dundas Road
G4 0HG

* Prior to Christmas 1981 no advance reservations are possible and seats will be allocated by boarding cards.

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