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The following is reproduced from a leaflet titled "Advanced Passenger Train".

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The Advanced Passenger Train represents the biggest single step in improved performance yet made by any railway.

The train has a number of advanced features including a top speed of 250km/h on existing track, a unique tilting system which enables the train to negotiate curves up to 40% faster than conventional trains, low energy consumption, power operated exterior sliding doors and full air conditioning.

The trailer cars are constructed of aluminium alloy which gives a weight saving of 40% over conventional coaches with no loss of strength and the train is equipped with a dual braking system, allowing it to stop in the same distance as other trains travelling at slower speeds.

Built for British Rail.


Facts and Figures

Power Car

Supply - 25 kV 50Hz Overhead
Power equipment - Thyristor controlled, separately excited motors
Continuous Rating (2 power cars) - 6MW at rail
Maximum Tractive Effort (2 power cars) - 210 kN
Maximum service speed - 250 km/h
Auxiliary supply - 800 kVA, 415V 50Hz, 3 phase
Weight (in service) - 67.5 tonne
Steel bodyshell
Automatic tilt mechanism
Bogies - Steel helicoil springs and hydrokinetic braked

Trailer Car Features

Aluminium alloy bodyshell
Grouped equipment modules on underframe
Air sprung/hydrokinetic braked bogies
Automatic tilt mechanism
Public address
Chemical toilets

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