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APT-P Cab Pass

BR 87102/1


  1. The number of staff in the leading driving cab of a locomotive, multiple-unit train or push-pull unit in motion is not permitted to exceed four, unless specially authorised by a Traction Inspector or Officer in possession of a Driving Cab Pass endorsed 'Authorised to Instruct', who must be present throughout.
  2. This pass may only be used by the person in whose favour it is issued and such person must not interfere with any part of the locomotive or driving compartment, nor obstruct the Driver (and Secondman, if any) in his/their duties and must conform to the Bye-laws and Regulations of the British Railways Board.
  3. When issued to an employee of the Board, this pass may be used only when absolutely necessary for the proper performance of his duties as an employee of the Board, and when issued to a person other than an employee of the Board this pass is not valid unless the holder is in possession of a railway ticket or a free pass available for the journey to be made by him whilst riding on the locomotive or in the driving compartment.
  4. This pass may be withdrawn at any time without previous notice.

If you have any memories of working on the APT - Please let me know !

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