Trailer Restaurant/Buffet Second (TRBS)

The catering vehicle is divided into two sections, a three module saloon to seat up to 28 passengers in 7 rows of 4 seats and a five module catering unit with a staff area, kitchen area, pantry, bar with social area. The toilet area in vestibule No. 2 is replaced with a Waste Disposal unit.

The social area is provided for customers taking drinks and light refreshments at the bar. The catering equipment includes Boilers, Microwave Ovens, Deep Fat Fryer, Bain-Maries, Hot Cupboards etc.

APT-P Buffet Bar

Bar and Kitchen

Bar and Kitchen usage for different levels of service

Place your pointer over the 'buttons' below to show the different modes of use.

Layout Bar service only Light snacks service

Light meals service

Full meals service Full meals service without bar

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