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David Sandiland British Rail Into Europe Derby Museum of Making Derby Museum of Making APT-P Wind Tunnel model Glasgow Museum of Transport Derby - The Silk Mill APT-P Model at NRM, York © Paul Leadley APT-P

Various APT Models

3D printed G Scale POP model by Paul Leadley APT POP by Shane Wilton 'N' Gauge APT-E in a bottle by Kit Spackman for Dr Alan Bing 'N' Gauge APT-E built by Kit Spackman 'OO' Gauge APT-E built by S Smith 'O' Gauge APT-E built by Les Hooper APT-E by Robert Lumley APT-E CGI model Brits Who Made The Modern World Lego model by Michael Gale Lego model by Wes Turngrate APT-E & APT-P by Jörgen Edgar APT-E by Colin Gibbons APT-E by Nigel Hurst 5" APT-E built by Aubyn Mee Souvenir Box BR Educational Pack MSTS APT-P by David Babb Ceramic APT-P by Michael Mason APT-P model built for BBC TV Tomorrow's World Virtual Lego model by Simon Denscombe Virtual Lego model by James Mathis Lego model by Andrew Walker Lego model Manufacturer: Mr. DELTIC (in JAPAN) Lego APT-P by Jamie Ellis 'N' Gauge APT-P by Andy Stephney & Andy Reed APT-P Nose up by J Russell Hornby APT-P Nose Up by Kev Pearson APT-P modified by Mark Pearson Additional APT-P vehicles by Steve Browne Additional APT-P vehicles by Chris Shutt Modified and extended APT-P by Furness Model Railway Club 'Mini APT' by Brian Metcalfe APT 'What ifs' and extra vehicles by Steve Jones APT-P's by Craig Chapman Weathered Scrapline Hornby APT-P by Andrew Fisher DCC sound APT-P by Ian Bishop APT-P TRBS by Alan Bart Tolley 14 coach APT-P by Quentin Howell APT-P © Mustard Channel Minecraft APT-P © The Growl Minecraft APT-P © Aeroteam APT-P inspired model © Pat Carbin Network Rail APT  Ben's Resprays APT-P Ben's Transport Additional APT-P vehicles by Jem Soady APT-P Scrap Cab on LOWMAC by Inge Goodier APT-P by Bees Hill Models Detailed Hornby APT-P by Dave Segar

If you have built or modified any models of APT - Please let me know !

Mardyke Miniature Railways

Mardyke Miniature Railway APT-P
7¼" APT-P

Hornby Railways APT-P

More about the Hornby OO APT-P

In 1980 Hornby released a five car 'OO' model of the Prototype APT.

On 6 January 2020 Hornby announced two newly tooled APT-P model packs, together with pairs of extra coaches to form complete 14 car trains in both early and final liveries.

Leadley Kits : Home of bespoke railway model designs

Leadley Kits

Current Models available -

Models at the design stage -

  • APT PoP 2 :- N Gauge
  • Lab 4 Hastings (Tilt Test Coach) :- N Gauge
  • Trestrol :- 00 and N Gauge

See the Leadley Kits website or email: LEADLEYKITS@GMAIL.COM for more details and how to order.

Rapido Trains APT-E

Rapido Trains Model APT-ERapido Trains Model APT-ERapido Trains Model APT-E


OO Gauge Model features:

  • Two Power Cars each with a 5-pole, skew-wound motor
  • Two Trailer Cars with articulated Swinging Arm Trailer Bogies
  • 3D scanned exterior for accurate body contours
  • Operating tilt mechanism and close coupling system
  • Will operate smoothly down to #2 radius
  • Full interior detail including illuminated test instrumentation
  • Working headlamps, tail lamps and interior lighting
  • Conventional DC or factory fitted with ESU DCC sound decoder
  • Accurate sounds recorded from archival footage
  • Smooth-running mechanism with dual motors and flywheels

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