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'OO' Gauge APT-E built by S Smith

'OO' Gauge APT-E built by S Smith'OO' Gauge APT-E built by S Smith'OO' Gauge APT-E built by S Smith

I began my model with some extensive surgery on a Hornby model of the APT-P which are as follows:

The two APT-E power cars were formed by merging one Hornby APT-P power car bogie with one Hornby APT-P driving trailer, the latter shortened by removing the cab and leading bogie. The new cab profile was then constructed using plastic off-cuts and epoxy putty. To complete the power cars, bodyside grilles were fitted, these having been supplied by special arrangement with Hurst Models.

Each APT-E trailer car was fashioned from two Hornby APT-P trailer brake first terminal coaches. The joint modules (inter-car vestibules) were formed from the corridor connections and car ends, detached from the original Hornby model and mounted on one half only of each articulated (splitting) bogie.

S Smith, Bury, Lancashire.

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