APT-P Sounds by Ian Bishop (Legomanbiffo)

Hornby APT-P Sounds

Demonstration of sounds fitted to an extended original Hornby APT.

Fitting authentic sound to the new Hornby APT-P

A range of sound chips are available to suit the new Hornby APT-P in all its different configurations. The majority of the sounds are completely authentic, recorded from the surviving example at Crewe Heritage Centre whilst operating from a shore supply.

The cheapest option is a single sound chip to be fitted in the powered centre vehicle. This produces all of the directional sounds (eg horns, despatch whistle, right away signal etc) and non-directional sounds (eg brake sounds, passenger door opening sounds etc). This can be used with a pair of lighting only Lokpilot chips, one in each driving trailer to give a low-cost sound-fitted model. It is available on a standard Loksound v5 or Loksound v5 Micro. The main shortcoming with this option is that some sounds such as the horns come from the centre of the train rather than the appropriate end.

The most popular option is the three sound chip matched set, with one chip in the power car and one in each of the driving trailers. The advantage of this is that all sounds come from 'the right places'. Directional sounds (eg horns) come from the appropriate end and reverse automatically when the train reverses, traction motor sounds come from the power car, and 'common sounds' (eg brake sounds) come from all three. The power car sounds are available on a standard Loksound v5 or Loksound v5 Micro. The driving trailer sounds are available on a Loksound v5 FX (which has no motor control and is cheaper than a standard Loksound v5). They are also available on a standard Loksound v5 or Loksound v5 Micro if required.

A final option is the above with the addition of a second power car chip, making a total of four sound chips. All chips are available from DC Kits in Leeds. Each comes with a standard ESU 'sugar cube' speaker but a range of better speakers is available. The sounds are also available as downloads for users with ESU Lokprogrammers.

The function key layout is as follows:

F0 Directional lights
F1 Drive sound
F2 Playable high horn
F3 Playable low horn
F4 Passenger doors open / close
F5 Brake application
F6 Driver's door slam
F7 Compressor
F8 Toilet pipe discharge
F9 Automatic, variable-speed flange squeal
F10 Despatch whistle
F11 Guard to driver 'right away' signal
F12 Power car horn (the power cars had a 'shunt enable' position at both ends for use on shed, and a horn)
F13 Driver's air conditioning
F14 Neutral section
F15 Spirax valves popping
F16 Emergency diesel generator
F17 Windscreen wipers
F18 Detonators
F19 Cab light
F20 Aux 2
F21 Tilt pumps

The severity of the brake on F5 can be set by CV 179

The windscreen wipers can be set to either 'normal' or 'squeaky' by CV 155

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