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In 2002, to coincide with the Virgin Trains sponsored repaint of the exterior of APT-P, it was decided to move the APT exhibition on-board the train, fire regulations dictated that the only coach that could be open to the public was the Trailer Restaurant/Buffet Second (TRBS 48404). All but one module of seating was removed and placed in storage. The display boards were designed to be supported by the seat rail, using existing threaded holes, thus no damage was caused to the vehicle.

APT-P at Crewe
APT-P at Crewe

Layout of exhibition boards in TRBS 48404 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Toilet Toilet Door Door Buffet Bar & Staff Area

Exhibition Boards in 48404 before display was mounted
Exhibition boards before the display was mounted.

First visitors to the new Exhibition.
Some of the first visitors to the new APT exhibition, 16 June 2002.

Panel 01

Design Objectives

Panel 02

Experimental APT

Panel 03

Prototype Construction

Panel 04

On Test

Panel 05

Tilt Mechanism

Control APT

Panel 06


Hydrokinetic Brakes Articulation

Panel 07

Inside APT

Panel 08

In Action

Panel 09

In Preservation

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Panel 10

The Next Generation

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Panel 11

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