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RapidoRail Systems 15" APT-E

Built by RapidoRail Systems in 1983, this Diesel Electric four car set was loosely based on the design of the British Rail Experimental Advanced Passenger Train (APT-E). It operated briefly at Flamingo Land in Yorkshire before moving in 1984 to the Dudley Zoo Miniature Railway.

Dudley Zoo 'APT-E' © Adrian Nicholls Dudley Zoo 'APT-E' © Adrian Nicholls
'APT-E' at Dudley Zoo, photographed by Adrian Nicholls © 1992.

On the closure of the Dudley Zoo Railway the train relocated to Rhyl Marine Lake Miniature Railway, being modified to have the Lister 240V AC generator in the front driving car, powering two compressors and also a 24V DC feed via direction & speed controllers for the traction motors on the second and fourth bogies, from where the axles were driven by chains. The compressors supplied an air system which pushed the sprung brakes off and also operated pneumatic rams to raise the 'gull-wing' side passenger access doors.

KD1 at Rhyl Marine Lake Miniature Railway © Simon Townsend 1993
'KD1' at Rhyl Marine Lake Miniature Railway, picture by Simon Townsend © 1993.

The train has since left Rhyl and is now in private ownership.

If you have any pictures or video of this miniature train in action - Please let me know !

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