RDB975634 and RDB975635

P-O-P Train

This test train originally consisted of two mock Power cars (PC3 – RDB975634 and PC4 – RDB975635) with nothing (O) in between hence the nickname 'POP', it was used from September 1971 as a test bed proving the suspension, tilting and braking systems.

PoP Train as seen in BTF E for ExperimentalPoP Train as seen in BTF E for Experimental
POP Train as seen in British Transport Film 'E for Experimental'.

POP © Kit SpackmanPOP © Kit Spackman
Photographs by Kit Spackman.

Later the POP train was modified with a prototype APT-P vehicle (Laboratory 8 - 'PILOT' RDB975636) being built and formed between the original POP vehicles, which were re-mounted on revised bogies and given body cladding.

POP2 © Kit SpackmanPOP2 © Kit Spackman
Photographs by Kit Spackman.


The three vehicle set then performed bogie and ride research work, mainly on the West Coast Main Line. All three POP Train vehicles were scrapped during October 1985 by Ward Ferrous Metals Ltd., on site of the Railway Technical Centre in Derby.

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