New layout build by Michael Gray and his son

"We are now the proud owners of a 14 16 car Hornby version of the Prototype Advanced Passenger Train (APT-P) and have decided to build an eight metre long section of West Coast Main Line (Beck Foot in the Lune Valley) to show it off… The layout will cover a 1.2 km of track, which is just one signal block in the real world, between Signals CN67 and CN68 on the Down line."

Unboxing the Hornby APT-P
'TOC' (Train Operating Child) unboxing the new Hornby APT-P.


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#ProjectTilt Development Summary



Interior Detailing of APT-P

Tilting Train Gallery

APT-P On Tour

Class 370 'APT-P'

Class 390 'Pendolino'

Class 221 'Super Voyager'


"#ProjectTilt is just one huge experiment for me, two years of learning new skills and remembering old ones after a 30-year break.

The slight issue this creates is the standard of modelling on the north end versus the original board at the southern end is quite different…

So, we have decided to do a partial rebuild of the original boards to bring them up to standard and enlarge them. This will modify the back scene, making it easier to photograph and lay the foundations for the exhibition conversion.

We still want to get a moving car system on the motorway, but that proves to be more challenging than I'd expected."

Michael Gray December 2023.
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