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BR Education Pack – Build your own APT-P !

Let's build an APT ! – Where are these children now?
Let's build an APT ! – Where are these children now?

Model Advanced Passenger Train

This is a cardboard model of the Advanced Passenger Train. Included in the model pack is a set of instructions. To complete the construction children need to press out the different sections of the pre-cut cards, fold these pieces along scored lines, and glue into position. As a result, no pairs of scissors are required but a good quality instant glue is needed. Although several sections are already coloured, it is possible to add to the model's appearance either using felt-tip pens or any other colouring materials.

As there are five separate sheets of cardboard to a single model, it is possible for at least ten children to work on the model at any one time, each pair being given one of the cards and being then expected to proceed. However, in this instance it may be necessary to duplicate copies of the instructions.

Some of the foldings, especially the bogies, can cause problems to very small fingers and so some help might be needed by the younger children. In the trials it was found that four boys could complete the model in one and one-quarter hours.

The final model is 1.75 metres long and impresses children by its attractive lines and length. It can be used as a teaching aid or as the basis of a display.

Education PackEducation Pack

Education Pack Driving Trailer
Completed Driving Trailer Car.

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