GEC Class 91 Locomotives

'Son of APT'

Class 91 GEC Traction Ltd.Class 91 GEC Traction Ltd.
'Son of APT' – The British Rail Class 91 Locomotive, GEC Traction Limited.

The locomotives built by BREL in Crewe for use with InterCity 225 trains on the newly electrified East Coast Main Line of British Rail between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh.

Weighing 84.5 tonnes and capable of speeds up to 140 mph, the Class 91's are the fastest and most powerful to ever run in Britain. Their direct current traction motors each have 30% more power than similar sized motors on previous electric locomotives. This power is controlled by a microprocessor which also monitors the performance of all the power equipment.

They also feature a new driving system, which allows the driver to select the required speed of acceleration by computer control. Speed is then maintained by applying power or electric braking.

This has the benefit of a much smoother ride and enables the train to complete the 400 mile journey between London and Edinburgh at an average speed of 98.5 mph, including stops.

GEC Transportation Projects Class 91 locomotives for British Rail.

GEC Transportation Projects Class 91 25kV BoBo locomotives for British Rail.

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