APT-P Toilets

Toilet Compartment

Consists of the following items:

  1. A chemical toilet of the re-circulating type, built as a packaged item, it only requires an electrical connection with pump-out, flush and fill connections to the vehicle. The seat cover will be used to activate the flush system, the fluid used is ELSAN BLUE, a pump is used to circulate the fluid around the system where solids are filtered and held until disposal is initiated using the pump-out, flush and fill arrangements. Unlike other trains the toilets may be used when the train is standing at a station.
  2. A hand wash-basin where a water supply is metered at a fixed temperature of 45°C, actuated by a floor button.
  3. Paper towels for the drying of hands etc., with suitable waste bin, sundries include a mirror, coat/bag hook, ash tray and a shaver socket.

APT-P photographs from Dr D Boocock Archives APT-P photographs from Dr D Boocock Archives

APT-P Toilet Compartment photographs from Dr D Boocock Archives.

Schematic Diagram of Chemical Toilet

Extract from APT5 Technical Training Note.

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